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Types of braces

Puget Sounds comprehensive selection

Teen boy with braces
Today’s technology offers many types of braces and even some ways to straighten teeth that are wire free and virtually invisible.

At your first appointment, one of our experienced orthodontists can talk you through your treatment options in greater depth, but here’s a quick look at the range of orthodontic technology we offer.

Self-ligating braces
Skip elastic and steel ties and go with self-ligating braces. Using advanced, “sliding-door” technology, self-ligating braces are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces, often require fewer adjustments, and can even shorten treatment times for some patients.

Clear ceramic braces
Looking for a lower-profile path to a beautiful and healthy smile? Adult patients appreciate that clear ceramic braces are less obvious and “eye catching” than metal braces. Their ceramic brackets are a bit more fragile though, so they may not be the best choice for active kids. 

Not technically braces, the Invisalign® System is popular with teens and adults because it is the easy-maintenance, virtually invisible way to a straight smile.  Nearly undetectable, it uses clear, plastic aligners instead of wires and brackets to align your teeth.

Herbst appliances
Only a viable option for patients who are still growing, the Herbst Appliance corrects severe overbites by safely guiding jaw growth. The Herbst Appliance is often used in coordination with braces for best results.