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Clear braces

Puget Sounds clear ceramic choice

Clear braces
Clear braces, featuring a discreet wire and clear ceramic brackets, are a great way for image-aware adults and teens to straighten their teeth without drawing as much attention to them.

Why do some people opt for clear braces? Clear ceramic braces are less noticeable than metal braces but just as efficient, making them the ideal choice for many adult professionals who value quicker treatment and a low-profile look.

Invisalign® vs. clear braces

It's true that the Invisalign® System, which uses clear, plastic aligners that fit snugly and virtually invisibly over a patient's teeth, is less noticeable than ceramic braces.

However, the Invisalign® method isn't right for everyone. For some cases, Invisalign® simply wouldn't be effective. Clear ceramic braces are a great, low-profile alternative for these patients. For others who fear that they might neglect their treatment regimen or forget to wear their Invisalign® aligners, clear braces provide a solid alternative.

      More pros and cons

      One other thing to weigh, clear braces are a bit more expensive, and fragile than metal braces, and they also stain easily if you don't practice proactive hygiene. For most self-disciplined adults, however, these potential problems don't even come up.