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March 28-29, 2019 UBC Annual Spring Break Symposium

March 28-29 2019

Posted:  Dec 11, 0000
Achieving esthetic excellence in the debilitated dental patient is one of the most challenging tasks an orthodontist will undertake. These patients often require dental treatment to correct specific anterior esthetic and functional discrepancies. Unfortunately, many also present with treatment challenges such as missing teeth, severely worn incisors, esthetic concerns, and/or loss of periodontal attachment. Therefore, planning treatment is difficult and requires coordination of care between multiple clinicians to achieve an optimal functional and esthetic outcome. This presentation will highlight the orthodontist’s role on the team in developing treatment plans that optimize esthetics, while still satisfying specific functional requirements for these patients. It is designed to provide a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of various esthetic dilemmas that we encounter in our practices every day.