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Special Cases

Complicated orthodontic cases call for interdisciplinary dentistry — our specialty

Special Cases
Whether you need straight forward orthodontia or complicated interdisciplinary dentistry, our doctors have the expertise to confidently transform your smile.

You may think your problems are beyond the help of orthodontia because your overall oral health has suffered some major setbacks. With THe Smart Orthodontic Group, there’s hope.

Some of the most complicated orthodontic treatments include those that involve not just the realignment of teeth both the restoration of teeth that have experienced serious damage. In such cases, a team of dental professionals with a range of specialties will be needed to care for the full range of your treatment needs.

Called interdisciplinary dentistry, this type of team treatment requires careful and thorough communication between the team members conducting the various treatment stages.

World-leading expertise

Our doctors are not only competent working on cases that require an interdisciplinary dentistry approach — one of our orthodontists, Dr. Vincent Kokich Jr. [add link], literally wrote the book on the topic (or at least a few chapters of it). His body of published work related to this complicated field make him a valuable asset to our clinical team, whether he’s just sharing his knowledge or performing procedures himself.